Subtitles Alert Bot

What is that?

Subtitles Alert Bot is a Telegram Bot that let you download and subscribe to subtitles of your favourite tv shows. You can download subtitles for a specific episode or a set of subtitles, and manage your subscriptions. A subscription is referred to a specific tv show for one or more languages: once you have subscribed you will get your subtitles on your phone (also a direct link for others subtitles for all episode versions) without doing anything.

With Subtitles Alert Bot you can:

  • Download subtitles (for a specific episode or a set of episode). You will get the “.srt” file and a link to other subtitles for every episode release available.
  • Subscribe to subtitles. You can subscribe to a specific tv show for one or more subtitles’ languages. Just relax and as soon as your subtitles are out you will receive them.
  • Show your active subscriptions.
  • Unsubscribe from tv shows.
  • Other minor functionalities such as: changing bot language (Italian and English available for now), Donate and show the Help message.


Based on Node.js this bot uses several open-source libraries listed here. Source of subtitles is and is the endpoint for retrieve updated informations about tv shows.

Libraries involved are:


It’s free?

It’s free and open-source. The repository along with informations for setting up a local version of Subtitles Alert Bot can be found on GitHub at

Thanks to Dario Sacco, Alberto Modigliani and  Mariusz Nawrocki