What is that?

This library provides Java APIs for reading and writing values exposed by a Bluetooth Low Energy device such as sensors, wearable, etc. BLE bases his data model on Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). With jgatttool you can develop your own BLE central device in Java.

jgatttool is a wrapper of gattool, a command-line utility that uses BlueZ stack (requires Linux).


It is difficult to find a cross-platform BLE library for any language except for smartphone platforms’ most used programming languages. gattool is a great command-line tool that works great on Linux but it’s written in C and it’s not documented, and there aren’t similar documented libraries or tools. So I wrote myself this gatttool wrapper to easily write and read GATT properties in Java. You can use this library in any Linux system that includes gattool (Linux Desktop computers, WindRiver Linux gateways, RaspberryPis, etc.).

Any technical detail?

It’s written in Java. The code is pretty much self-explained and it’s basically a set of APIs and parsing methods.

It’s free?

Yeah and It’s open-source too.

Where I can get it?

You can find the source code on GitHub @ jgattool repository.