A Fury of Snow

What is that?

A Fury of Snow it’s an “old Final Fantasy’s style 2D RPG” based on A Game of Thrones novels (and tv-show now) from George R.R.Martin.  It’s based on a simple self-made story which takes place during the Robert Baratheon Ribellion (prior to books and tv-series facts, so it’s basically a prequel).

The story has Randolph Snow as main character, an orphan Winterfell knight. He became suddenly part of the facts that led King Aerys madness starting a war. That war involved all greater houses of Westeros and it was called the Robert Baratheon Ribellion.

The game has casual enemies on outdoor maps (not so much, I hated find enemies too frequently when I moved from one place to another) and turn-based battle system. You will find every other characteristic feature that made old 2D RPG so good, such as levelling (learning new spells or abilities), shops and simple mind-games.  You will find a great and epic final boss fight and also a special enemy hidden somewhere on the map (do anybody remember Ultima from Final Fantasy?  The idea it’s pretty similar, except that here we have the most dangerous creature in A Game of Thrones world..).

During the plot you will meet characters from the book – and in some cases you will CONTROL them in your party – such as Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, the Old Bear Mormont, Jon Connington and Sir Barristan Selmy.

You can finish the main plot in about 5-6 hours; some principal enemies are challenging but don’t worry, you will not pass a large part of your time trying to level up. When your character will become more powerful it will learn new abilities according to his class (Knight, Red Priest, etc.). You’ll be feeling ‘home’ (if you’re considering Westeros your second home) with images and characters from the novels and musics from the tv-show.


It makes sense to me to develop a game that I WANTED to play but strangely didn’t exist yet. I had so much fun developing it and design characters and the story, their abilities and scripted quests. I hope you also will have fun playing it.

Any technical detail?

You can run it in every Windows computer. It’s made with RPGMaker VX. I do not own any music, image or (obviously) any part of the surrounding story except for the main plot (the Randolph Snow story). The game is developed for fun and I do not intend, in any kind, to use the product for business purposes.

It’s free?

Of course.

Where I can get it?

Here’s the download link.