What is that?

SVPlatform is a Java 8 application that can be used for secure remote voting for companies. You can think of simple cooperative companies where members want to vote remotely about different topics, with a tool that provide security, integrity and authenticity of the vote. In this same article I also include a Scala version of the same application with a document that summerizes the analysis of the migration from Java to Scala.


It was a project for a University exam at first but later I use the SVPlatform case study for the analysis of migrations of Java applications to Scala platform.

Any technical detail?

The original application is written in Java 8 using Java libraries for security. The security properties of the vote system are granted by combined use of symmetric encryption (with a secret token), asymmetric encryption and hash functions.

The Scala application is identical to the first and comes with a document that analyzes the design choices made to best approach a migration, trying to re-use most of the code and increase code readibility and scalability of the system.

It’s free?

Yes and also open source.

Where I can get it?

At this link you can find source code of the two applications. You have first to configure the application. You can either use Scala version or Java version.