What is that?

Ex-AMS (from “exams” and AMS aka Alma Mater Studiorum) is a desktop application for students. It comes with the possibility to manage a list of exams with calculations of degree’s final vote, based on average and weighed average. It also has a Calendar for manage exams dates.
Calculations of some values are based on Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna) specifics.


Because at the time it still made sense to use desktop applications to do things. Nowadays everybody uses smartphones, and you will find a lot of apps that do the same things of Ex-AMS. But at the time, a high number of students of my university did use my application; it was easy to use, and it did very well things. 

Two principal aspects made it so good: the built-in Calendar, and the possibility to add and remove exams (with CFU and vote) and see immediately HOW the degree vote changes. This made exams previsions and scheduling more motivating and – as much as possible – accurate.

Any technical detail?

It’s a simple application written during my studies. I written it in C# using WPF technology. It runs on Windows 7 and later.

It’s free?

Of course it’s free. It’s not open-source.

Where I can get it?

Here’s the EX-AMS download link with additional infos with it.