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I'm a Software Engineer. I believe in what I do. I love what I do.

My name is Nicolò Carpignoli and I am an Italian Software Engineer. In this space you can find all my projects and information about me. Feel free to contact me, download my code and use it. Suggestions and contributions are always welcome. You can download my resume in Italian (English resume upcoming). Also, if you’re curious of my Computer Science readings Blog, then please visit JARBLO.


Date: 2018

Skills: Javascript

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Recently I became a collaborator in AR.js project. It is an open source library for cross-browser Web Augmented Reality. I wrote several articles about it with full working examples.

Date: 2017

Skills: Cordova, ionic, ReactJS, Javascript

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A mobile app that shows the inspiration quote of the day. It's also possible to translate quote and share it on socials. Freely available for Android.

Date: 2017

Skills: Node.js, MongoDB, RaspberryPi, Javascript

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Subtitles Alert Bot

Subtitles Alert Bot is a Telegram Bot that let you download and subscribe to subtitles of your favourite tv shows. You can download subtitles for a specific episode or a set of subtitles, and manage your subscriptions. A subscription is referred to a specific tv show for one or more languages: once you have subscribed you will get your subtitles on your phone (also a direct link for others subtitles for all episode versions) without doing anything.

Date: 2017-01-01

Client: Gruppo SCAI

Skills: Arduino Libraries, C++, IoT protocols, Redis, Cassandra, Spring, AngularJS, Javascript, Java

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MOOVBIT is the name of the project and of the IoT architecture that I designed for my master degree's thesis. This architecture is general-purpose, composed by three layers and comes with studies about all aspects of an ICT System, such as scalability, performance, fault-tolerance and most of all security.
MOOVBIT is also a prototype that was built following the architecture that I designed. It was composed by a input component with sensor (MOOVBIT Tag), a Gateway and a Server. This prototype was applied to the specific case study of monitoring of athletes in Squash sport, during training.

Date: 2017-01-01

Client: Gruppo SCAI

Skills: Java

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This library provides Java APIs for reading and writing values exposed by a Bluetooth Low Energy device such as sensors, wearable, etc. BLE bases his data model on Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). With jgatttool you can develop your own BLE central device in Java.

Date: 2015-01-01

Skills: Java, Scala

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SVPlatform is a Java 8 application that can be used for secure remote voting for companies. You can think of simple cooperative companies where members want to vote remotely about different topics, with a tool that provide security, integrity and authenticity of the vote.

Date: 2014-01-01

Skills: RPGMaker VX

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Sometimes I need some features, applications or games, and later I discovered that they simply doesn't exist, yet. So I build them. And when I discovered that nobody has developed a Game Of Thrones 2D RPG in old Final Fantasy's style, I said to myself "It's time to choose a good story and develop this game". And so I did.

Date: 2013-01-01

Skills: C#, WPF

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Ex-AMS (from "exams" and AMS aka Alma Mater Studiorum) is a desktop application for students. It comes with the possibility to manage a list of exams with calculations of degree's final vote, based on average and weighed average. It also has a Calendar for managing exams dates.


I was born in 1992 in Fano, a little city with a nice sea view in the centre of Italy. I always had passion for books and Computer Science. This vocation easily brought me towards ICT studies, choosing the Engineering path. I soon discovered that I also love to design things well as much as I love build working things.

I finished senior high school in Business and Computer Science specialization in 2010. I got certified in QCER B2 English by Trinity College of London. In 2014 I graduated in ICT Engineering at the University of Bologna, after 3 years of studies in Cesena. During this 3 years I developed some of my personal projects for passion and for studies purposes. In that period I had a brief internship and worked with Symfony framework and PHP technology. My first level degree thesis was about Agent Programming.

On 2014 I moved to Bologna and I graduated in Computer Science Engineering Master Degree after 2 years. In these years I also work as freelancer developer in some projects for italian startups. My master degree thesis was the result of a 6 months internship at an Italian Software House. My thesis was a project called MOOVBIT, an Internet of Things architecture proposal and a concrete prototype that applied this architecture in the Sport business. 

I constantly study. Last topics I covered myself are Agile methodologies, with special focus in Scrum and Extreme Programming, Software Engineering and Refactoring. I also read a lot and I like to collect all my technical readings on my blog called JARBLO.

I recently got certified as Scrum Master by International Scrum Institute. At the time of this writing (April 2018) I am currently working as Software Engineer in a Design and Software company – for a more detailed bio, please take a look at my Linkedin account.



You can contact me for information about my resume, about my projects or anything you want.

I always love to chat about tech.



I live in Bologna, Italy